Virtual Counseling

The benefits of virtual counseling are many, but include no driving, connecting with a counselor from your home at flexible times, and typically insurance will cover the fees. We do not provide virtual counseling for more serious mood related circumstances. (See in-person counseling)

We provide virtual counseling for the following:

  • Mild anxiety and depression,

  • Building healthier relationships

  • Decreasing stress and student burn out 

  • Navigating overwhelming life transitions (break-ups, death of loved ones, and illness)

  • Adjusting to college and/or graduating from college. 

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In-Person Counseling

Individual and couples counseling is conducted in-person at our office in downtown Santa Cruz, California. We provide In-person counseling for all cases included in Virtual Counseling, with the addition of:

  • Mood related Disorders

  • Feelings of isolation and help with creating thriving relationships

  • Resolving early childhood abuse

  • Addressing Trauma

  • Graduate students feelings stuck and stressed out. 

Our team understands these issues in depth, and consultations are always free.

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Group Counseling

We offer group counseling in person twice a year for students going through overwhelming life transitions. The groups typically last for 10 weeks and are a group of 6 to 8 participants. 

These groups are fun! You will learn about transitions (graduating from college, breaking up with a boyfriend or girlfriend), get a chance to focus on your particular transition, and build the emotional skills and tools to navigate these big changes. 

These groups build community, encourage authenticity, and many people leave having developed friendships. If you are interested call us and we will let you know when our next transition group is being offered in Santa Cruz.

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